What are effective ways to publish articles online?

  1. Blogging platforms: Websites like WordPress, Medium, or Blogger allow you to create and publish articles easily.
  2. Online magazines and publications: Many websites accept article submissions from freelance writers. Research and reach out to relevant publications in your niche.
  3. Self-publishing: You can create your own website and publish your articles independently.
  4. Social media: Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to publish articles and reach a wide audience.
  5. Guest posting: Writing articles for other websites in your niche can help you reach new audiences and establish your expertise.

Remember to consider your target audience and the purpose of your articles when choosing a publishing platform.

The Disgusting Temu Platform

China use to be the No.1 factory in the world,almost all those product without any high technology could be found easily from China.

Alibaba is a famouse and maybe the first company to do online business in China,Jacky Ma,who used to be a teacher,has been expanded his horizons thanks to his visit abroad.

Taobao is well known around 2003 and there comes a new payment method-zhifubao,well.in fact.all these are copied from Ebay and paypal.I don`t critize about this behavior,and it indeed succeed.

Alibaba tries to solve the asymmetry information suppliers and comsumers,then the project of alibaba.com and 1688.com also come to China.

For C2C business,aliexpress is created for small business,however,nobody will foresee that pdd and temu will beat alibaba to death,Oh,and Amazon.

In china,0.99 rmb couldn`t buy anything from supermarket,but it could be free shipping to buy something from Pdd.Yes,Pdd pays everything to gain consumers amd they have the ability to keep them for next order.

Ok.Let us talk about Teum,why I call it a disgusting platform.

1st,Temu cooperates with those sellers from pdd,surely have a cheap product resources.

2nd,However,Temu will compare those prices with 1688.com,and request supplier to decrease supplier`s prices.

3rd,you have to agree on the reduction of price or you will be punished.

Eventually,all those products selling on Temu are cheap and of low quality,and suppliers don`t get profit,consumers are not satisfied with products,and the only party to get profit is Temu!

No Freedom to talk

It is so frustrating that I have been demanded to leave a chatting group of weichat,which is about the economics,why?

The group owner is afraid of being arrested because my sharing a video about a history teacher talking ecomonic and politics.

I am so sad,politic will never be separated from economic,but it is forbidden to discuss in my coundtry.

God,please help me get out of the jail!!!!!!

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Warmth From Paris Loves

Marzia was one of the 58 victims from “Kaj E. Center” Kabul Dasht-E-Barchi she was dreaming to visit Paris Eifel Tower, and today “Anne Hidalgo” Paris Current Mayor promised to light up Eifel Tower with Marzia’s picture for one night.

Paris Mayer has promised to do her part to fulfill Marzia’s dream by showing her picture on Eiffel Tower! Sister Rest In Peace! We all do our part to achieve them!

Why couldn`t Business be simple?

It has been so complicated in doing online business now,if you want to sell on some big platforms like Amazon,walmart and so on,you need to meet all kinds of entering standards,such as registerring as a company,holding a tax account,and even you need to send bulks of products by risk that they couldnt be sold out in these platform`s warehouse.

I dont want to talk about these extra charges by doing this latest business way,I just complain why it couldnt be simple to do business?\

Nowadays,it will take 10 to 20 days from China to most of the counties in Europe and the Usa,Freight is more or less compared with that shipping from amazon warehouse,personally,it is friendly.

Selling directly from seller` indepent website,it is benefit to seller and buyer,not tax and trade fee from amazon,only the pure business and a litte service fee to paypal.

Maybe we need to go back to the rooted nature of business,getting ridded of amazon and some other platforms!

Why Not Sell On Amazon?

Sad experience on amazon

As a chinese,it is so hard,I need to face descrimination,my account was suspended suddenly,my shop was closed forever!

My Ebay shop has been closed since years ago,because they said I am selling someting about pandemic!God,I just sell some ceramic soap dispenser!

My Etsy shop has been suspended since 2 years ago,I think because I am from China,ok,chinese sellers are forbiddedn to sell on Etsy finally!Great,I have no choice.

I have to move to Amazon,where is considered to be world №1 online sales platform!

Advices from amazon workers:1st,you need to upgrade to be professonal,then you could sell in other countries such as japan,australia,india and so on. OK,i do that,then nightmare begins,I open japan and australia,canada amazon shop,however,even amazon says I only need to pay no more than 39.99 usd each month,but I pay 39.99 usd*3 in July,I am still on the way,complainting for the rent refund!That is really sucks!!!!!!!!Finally,only rent of australia is still suspended there,now my amazon is closed too.

2nd,Amazon advises seller to send produts to their warehouse,which is called Fba!ok,I do that by sending 200 pcs of ceramic soap dispensers there,after more than two months,no sales at all,and amazon keeps charging the warehouse fee!Well that sucks!

3rd,I am advised to make some ads on amazon,even some called ads experter from amazon helps me make ads,God!68 usd has been paid to amazon,few sales!I have to decrease the price from 12.99 usd to 7.99 usd in order to clear these stock! On Etsy,ceramic art soap dispenser are selling about 14 usd,but on amazon,I sell below the cost,still no sales!Why?7.99 usd,I need to pay for 15% trade fee and about 5 usd for delivery fee and other fee!which means I could only get 7.99–6.15=1.84 usd! That is not enough for my cost to send items to amazon,neglecting the monthly rent fee and Ads that has been paid!

4th,Ok,I give up,I give up!I keep sending emails to my former customer and beg them to help,some good hearted help me buy some from amazon,but it couldn`t solve that issue

Finally,i have to abandon these goods,because it looks like that amazon the vampire will keep charging me!God,Still you will find,amazon will charge 0.52 usd to abandon each item!

God!What could I say about that?

Miss my selling days on Etsy:(