The Disgusting Temu Platform

China use to be the No.1 factory in the world,almost all those product without any high technology could be found easily from China.

Alibaba is a famouse and maybe the first company to do online business in China,Jacky Ma,who used to be a teacher,has been expanded his horizons thanks to his visit abroad.

Taobao is well known around 2003 and there comes a new payment method-zhifubao, fact.all these are copied from Ebay and paypal.I don`t critize about this behavior,and it indeed succeed.

Alibaba tries to solve the asymmetry information suppliers and comsumers,then the project of and also come to China.

For C2C business,aliexpress is created for small business,however,nobody will foresee that pdd and temu will beat alibaba to death,Oh,and Amazon.

In china,0.99 rmb couldn`t buy anything from supermarket,but it could be free shipping to buy something from Pdd.Yes,Pdd pays everything to gain consumers amd they have the ability to keep them for next order.

Ok.Let us talk about Teum,why I call it a disgusting platform.

1st,Temu cooperates with those sellers from pdd,surely have a cheap product resources.

2nd,However,Temu will compare those prices with,and request supplier to decrease supplier`s prices.

3rd,you have to agree on the reduction of price or you will be punished.

Eventually,all those products selling on Temu are cheap and of low quality,and suppliers don`t get profit,consumers are not satisfied with products,and the only party to get profit is Temu!

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