Why couldn`t Business be simple?

It has been so complicated in doing online business now,if you want to sell on some big platforms like Amazon,walmart and so on,you need to meet all kinds of entering standards,such as registerring as a company,holding a tax account,and even you need to send bulks of products by risk that they couldnt be sold out in these platform`s warehouse.

I dont want to talk about these extra charges by doing this latest business way,I just complain why it couldnt be simple to do business?\

Nowadays,it will take 10 to 20 days from China to most of the counties in Europe and the Usa,Freight is more or less compared with that shipping from amazon warehouse,personally,it is friendly.

Selling directly from seller` indepent website,it is benefit to seller and buyer,not tax and trade fee from amazon,only the pure business and a litte service fee to paypal.

Maybe we need to go back to the rooted nature of business,getting ridded of amazon and some other platforms!

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